Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My present is my Present

I know you've probably heard it a thousand times before about how motherhood changes everything. Well you know what, its one thing to hear it and totally another to live it! First of all it never ceases to amaze me...the sheer simplicity of it. How simply your fears, anxieties and questions are put to rest when a trembling life is handed over to you. And how simply you create a bond with another human being and want nothing more than to fiercely protect her from everything in this world. And then to watch her grapple with the nuances of life... I can never get over it! Her first smile, her first tears, her touch, the first time she recognises you. How can you escape from the beauty of life when its right there in your face! Its impossible not to fall in love with your child, and everything else comes second.

My baby girl is almost a year now, and every day is like an adventure with her. I just love to watch her... While she's sleeping, or playing, or trying to figure out what this weird place is that she's in. And when she crawls, she's like a (wo)man on a mission!! I hope I never grow out of it, though she's going to have a lotta trouble with an obsessive mom like me! Bring it on my beautiful baby, my gift for this lifetime! Love you!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Is it really an end?

When someone close crosses the final frontier and bids adieu, when someone passes on, there are many unanswered questions left behind. Part sadness, part fear, part loneliness. We blame God. We blame the doctors. He could have saved him. They could have done something.

Why does death have to be something bad? Why do we fear it? At birth, there are celebrations, while at a funeral, everyone is so miserable. We don't realize that our life span is decreasing with every single breath, from the moment we're born. And why do we think of death as uncertain, whereas in my opinion, it's the only thing that's certain. We all have to die. So when someone does reach that final stage, he's completed his journey, and now it's time to rest. It's exciting, it's something beyond what we can imagine. So why fear it? Why not embrace it, and blow kisses to the world as we take the plunge?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Circle of Life

It's that season of the year when you hear about most people getting ill or even dying. Guess it's just the cold that gets to you. Anyway, hubby and I were pondering over the purpose of life. He was sort of in a pensive mood...said what's the point of working your ass off when the end is the same for everyone. Everyone has to die, whether it's you, me, this man, that dog, Obama, Sonia Gandhi....you get the point. So why are we here, what are we doing? How can we decide what is good or bad, coz hey, it makes absolutely no difference to anyone. And if there is a God, why didn't he send us down here with a purpose. At least we should know what we're doing, and why?

I thought about it for a moment...I thought what is it that every single living creature on this planet does. And then it struck me. I looked at him and said: we're here to reproduce. We both burst out laughing! He said that's funny, coz God is then seriously making a fool out of us all. We just keep going round and round, in the circle of life, but when you look at it, it's nothing but a big zero.

Talk about having a bad day! *Groan*

Friday, November 28, 2008

45 hours

Wednesday, November 26, 2008. A couple enjoying their first anniversary dinner. Board members drinking to their company’s success. A tired officer retiring to bed. And many such, unassuming, innocent people. A few minutes later, their lives were about to change forever.

The terror attack on Mumbai has shaken the very foundation of our country. So many unanswered questions – who are they, how did they get in, how many are they, what are they after, how many more are they going to kill, who’s their next target – are haunting every single citizen of India. Three days and two nights, and the ordeal still isn’t over. The once happy-go-lucky city is now a war zone. The death toll threatens to increase with each passing hour. We’re left choking, gasping for breath, as their iron hold just keeps getting stronger. It’s as if they aren’t even human.

How can we just sit there, switching news channels, too stunned to react? How can we let ourselves be at the mercy of these demonic sprites? How can we sit and watch one innocent life after another being taken? I don't want to pity us, but tears of frustration don't stop flowing.

The Dark Ages are back. All the happy memories, joyful moments seem an eon away. As if the good has been sucked out of the planet. And all that remains is a sea of dead.

It’s been 45 hours – and still counting.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I do not approve of religious bias- especially between Hindus and Muslims. I feel angered at the insensitiveness and insanity of Hindus who refuse to rent out homes to Muslims. I feel apologetic when I see movies like A Wednesday and Shoot On Sight, that bring out these religious differences in the open. But tomorrow, if a riot breaks out, will I have the courage to support the other party? I don't know. Easier said, than done. Why is it that being so "secular" in my mind, I feel a tiny prick of uncertainty and fear, when I enter a Muslim populated area? I don't despise them, I treat them as my own, but then, why am I guilty of committing this sin?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Holidays :)

Wishing everyone a very happy diwali! So good to just stretch out and do nothing for a change! :) Hope you're having as much fun as I am!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Troublesome transition

What does it take to really 'live' life? What's more important: your happiness, or others'? One life, that's all we got... how should we spend it? Guess we already know the answer.

Reminds me of a quote: "Life is pleasant, death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome."