Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My present is my Present

I know you've probably heard it a thousand times before about how motherhood changes everything. Well you know what, its one thing to hear it and totally another to live it! First of all it never ceases to amaze me...the sheer simplicity of it. How simply your fears, anxieties and questions are put to rest when a trembling life is handed over to you. And how simply you create a bond with another human being and want nothing more than to fiercely protect her from everything in this world. And then to watch her grapple with the nuances of life... I can never get over it! Her first smile, her first tears, her touch, the first time she recognises you. How can you escape from the beauty of life when its right there in your face! Its impossible not to fall in love with your child, and everything else comes second.

My baby girl is almost a year now, and every day is like an adventure with her. I just love to watch her... While she's sleeping, or playing, or trying to figure out what this weird place is that she's in. And when she crawls, she's like a (wo)man on a mission!! I hope I never grow out of it, though she's going to have a lotta trouble with an obsessive mom like me! Bring it on my beautiful baby, my gift for this lifetime! Love you!